Tax Residency Certificates

Tax Residency Certificates in UAE

In a period of globalization, businesses have spread across the globe and are not restricted to a single territory. So there the term ‘Tax Residency Certificate’ comes into play. In brief, a tax residency certificate states that your company is a resident of a particular country for tax purposes. This is useful when double taxation treaties are there in your country and in the UAE or another foreign country. In this taxation treaty the UAE and the other country agree that the other country will not deduct income tax on the income made in the UAE registered company. This certificate is beneficial when you file your tax return in your home country. Many deductions can be avoided with the help of a tax residency certificate. In UAE, the Tax Residency Certificate is better known as Tax Domicile Certificate. It is provided by the Ministry of Finance, UAE. There are certain criterias that need to be followed to obtain a Tax Residence Certificate in UAE-


  • Valid Trade License Copy
  • Valid Trade License Copy
  • Clear passport copy and residence visa of the Company Directors
  • Request letter from the company
  • Bank Statements for the last 6 months
  • Audited Balance Sheet
  • Government Fee: A fee of AED 5010/- is applicable for 1 year certificate


  • Request Letter from the individual
  • Clear passport copy and residence visa
  • Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  • Source of income with attested certificate
  • Certificate from sponsor stating the individual activity and source of income
  • Government Fee: A fee of AED 1010/- is applicable for 1 year certificate

Eligibility for Tax Residence Certificate (in UAE)


  • Company Operating in UAE Mainland
  • Free Zone Company
  • An Individual Business Owner

Not Eligible

  • Offshore Companies
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