Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Business Transformation

As Businesses are being disrupted, new business models, exponential technology, agile ways of working, and regulation are constantly changing the way organizations work.

We at Neevo Consulting prides ourselves in being the right implementation partner that can help companies to swiftly prepare and plan strategically.

Transformation Readiness Check

Neevo Consulting assist clients in identifying the gaps in the readiness of the organization for effective transformation with regards to resources, capital, skills and technology and specific action plans which would enable the organization to implement the same.

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

With the help of our professional associates we aid the organizations of many types of industries in the UAE to determine the financial feasibility of the plan. We conduct analysis of potent opportunities threats, strengths, weakness to  catalyze the financial growth, increase return on investment and minimize  your risk.

Performance Management

Neevo Consulting defines and executes effective Performance Management in an Organization by aligning Strategy with the roles of individuals and then defining performance indicators to measure and monitor the same.