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Dubai Mainland Company Formation in UAE

Today’s business demands responsiveness and flexibility. We specialize in onshore incorporations, as well as its management, business setup solutions, accounting and bookkeeping services, international tax planning, business plans and feasibility studies. Our expert consultants provide the quality services and assure you to have the best business benefits. Check out the services we offer:

Company formations in Dubai Mainland

When it comes to company formations in Dubai Mainland, we understand it better because of our local knowledge. We adopt an independent approach and handle the management with facts that can help you in decision making.

At Neevo FZC, we offer services such as company formation and management, company registrations, post-incorporation compliance assistance for both onshore and offshore firms. With our services you are assured to have well-established, secure, corporate and reliable structures for businesses or individuals. We provide formation packages to cater to the needs of any type or size of a company. We ensure efficient, legal and precise formation structure. Our experts set up and customize the structures to exceed the specific business or personal objectives of our clientele. We are expert in providing company formation services in leading mainland Jurisdictions as well and also offer complete compliances and management in respect of such firms. We are well aware of the fact that results are the utmost important factor for you. We provide our clients, whether engaged in international or mainland trade with efficient service structures which are extremely suited to meet their requirements. We produce results and our success is when our clients are delighted.

Types of Licenses for Dubai Mainland

Professional License
Commercial License
Industrial License

Types of Licenses for Dubai Mainland

Limited Liability Company(LLC)
Limited Partnerships
General Partnership
Joint Venture
Public Joint Stock Company
Private Joint Stock Company
Partnership Limited with Shares

Process Flow

Limited Liability Company is the most prefer legal structure formed in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Minimum 51% of the shareholding is held with a U.A.E National and balance 49% can be divided among the expatriate partners. It can be formed with minimum 2 partners and maximum up to 50.

A minimum share capital of AED 300,000 is required; however for general businesses the amount of AED 300,000 need not be deposited in the bank, but will be on its legal form. The liability of such companies is to the extent of its share capital.

We recommend the right suitable investment structure that fits in with your business requirement and aid to enhance your business value. These are few of the vital services which we cover under our services and advice. Our main intention is on facilitating with the interpretation and analysis of the requirements to help you take on the best business decisions.