Why Choose Us

Neevo FZC- Why Choose Us

Today, Time is Money. So while you are busy organizing your business, let Neevo handle the set up.  Communicating with the local authorities, documentations and more will all be taken care of by our trained experts, who by understanding your business needs will offer the most effective solutions for a smooth set up and growth of your business.

By combining professional expertise with the right information and technology, we at Neevo have developed an innovative way of providing excellent service to our clients, backed by a strong team culture with high caliber consultants and support for you.


• Expertise:
When it comes to company formations, we understand better because of our local knowledge.

• Client Service:
Service drives us. So not only are we there during set-up, even post incorporation services such as reminders, timely renewals of business licenses etc are taken care of, thereby letting you concentrate on your business more.

• Pricing:
We have a lot of passion to work with you and for you. Competitive pricing and cost effective solutions and to deliver with quality service is what we look at.

• Customized to your needs:
Our plans, programs and advice are customized to your requirements, size and budget. We deliver everything you need to start your business.

When you partner with NEEVO CONSULTING, we make your business future brighter than ever before. If you’d like to learn more, book your FREE Consulting Session with us and get to know how we are distinct.